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The Beans 

At Eagle great coffee and passion are synonymous. We are passionate about creating a compelling coffee experience that will bring your employees and customers coming back for more.  We specialize in small batch micro roast coffee created specifically to your unique specifications.  Our coffee is roasted, packed and delivered fresh to you. 

Our roasting technique, originated in Bordeaux France over 50 years ago, uses a classic method making our signature coffee unique. All of our coffee is micro roasted to ensure optimal freshness, for quality you can smell and taste.  We are proud to bring this tradition to you!

The beans are 100% shade grown, hand-picked and sun dried. We have a great selection of coffees from all over the world:  Brazil, Columbia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Kenya, Kona, Mexico, New Guinea, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru, Sumatra, Tanzania and Zimbabwe. We also carry certified organic, fair trade, or branded coffee options such as Starbucks® and Peet's®.


LIGHT ROAST (Cinnamon Roast) 
- Light brown to cinnamon color
- Beans are dry (no oil droplets present) 
- Internal bean temperature - less than 400° F
- Roast stopped before first crack is completed
- Low body and light acidity

MEDIUM LIGHT (City Roast) 
- The beans are mostly still dry
- The acidity continues to increase and the body becomes more potent
- Internal bean temperature - 415-435° 
- First crack stage is finished
-  50% of the sugar is caramelized, acidity is developed and the varietal character of a bean can be clearly tasted

MEDIUM ROAST (Vienna Roast)
- Moderate dark brown color
- Beans have oil on them
- Internal bean temperature - 445-455° 
- Second crack at or near completion
- Acidity muted, cup quality is bittersweet with heavier body

- Dark brown color
- Beans covered with oil
- Acids are radically decreased
- Internal bean temperature - 455-465° 
- Subtle nuances are mostly gone, body dominates.

DOUBLE FRENCH (Spanish Roast) 
- Beans are nearly black and oil-covered
- Internal bean temperature - 465-480° 
- the last stage nothing is darker

Photo by WichitS/iStock / Getty Images